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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  April 11, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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thinks wronged him including dr. fauci, mike pence, and mitch mcconnell, even calling the senate minority leader a "dumb son of a b" and "stone cold loser." secretary of state antony blinken calling out china's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, arguing the country's, quote, failure to cooperate in the early stages led to the situation getting, quote, out of hand. >> to provide real transparency, one result of that failure is that the virus got out of hand faster and with i think much more egregious results than it might otherwise. >> let's go ahead and get started with amanda golden on capitol hill. amanda, what are we hearing from
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lawmakers today as they get ready to go back to work tomorrow, with president biden's infrastructure program looming large? >> reporter: lindsey, as the white house tries to sell this plan, we're getting criticism from both sides on capitol hill, lawmakers taking issue with the scope of the plan and breaking it down into a couple of key areas, republicans are saying they don't like this is putting excess spending into things they don't consider traditional infrastructure like caring for the elderly and climate change. they say it should be focused on roads and bridges. those are issues that those republican members say they would be behind and are open to negotiating. but the other critical element here is that moderate democrats also carry a lot of weight in how these negotiations are going to move forward. that linchpin of senator joe manchin, who has issue with using the corporate tax rates, republicans say they don't want
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that to be raised. manchin says he would be okay with it increased to 25% instead of the 28% being pushed forward. this reconciliation budgetary process we've talked so much about in the past is once again an option here for this bill but it's something that manchin actually wrote in an op-ed earlier this week he wasn't wanting to use as a status quo on the senate floor. he didn't want democrats to go it alone. he didn't close the door entirely but wants to find a bipartisan way to approach this. with the white house holding a bipartisan meeting tomorrow, we heard from one senate republican how he's expecting to go into these negotiations, when senator roger wicker spoke earlier today on one of the sunday shows. >> i'm meeting with the president tomorrow. we are willing to negotiate with him on an infrastructure package. and this trillion dollar number is way too high for me, i'll
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just tell you. but negotiation has to be something different from what we had on the rescue plan. >> reporter: both the white house and democrats are having a lot of work to do to get their own party and republicans on board for this package but also when it comes to the house, speaker nancy pelosi, i caught up with her a few moments ago, she said she was not invited to had meeting taking place tomorrow at the white house, that she had a meeting on friday instead. she can only afford to lose two house democrats right now within the house to support this bill, just by that narrow, very slim majority she holds. so expect a lot of changes in the framework to this legislation to come out as we start to see drafts in the next few weeks. >> late breaking details of your conversation with the speaker. amanda, happy birthday, thanks for being with us. >> reporter: thank you, lindsey. joining me now, david cicilline, a member of the house judiciary and foreign affairs committees, congressman from
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rhode island. congressman, the doj is looking into whether congressman matt gaetz had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and paid for her to travel with him. the congressman denies wrongdoing and hasn't been charged with a crime but the house ethics committee has announced its own investigation. gaetz's office responding with a statement saying, once again, the office will reiterate, these allegations are blatantly false. should gaetz still be serving with you on the judiciary committee while he's the subject of an investigation? >> well, these are very, very serious allegations. there is an active department of justice investigation and now an ethics committee investigation. and obviously if these allegations turn out to be true, he would be forced to either resign or be removed from his office by congress. it probably also makes sense in this context, while the department of justice is undergoing their own investigation of him, for him
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not to sit on the committee that has oversight responsibilities of the department of justice. but again, if these allegations turn out to be true, either through the ethics committee investigation or the department of justice, i think he will be left with no choice but to resign and if he doesn't he'll be removed by his colleagues from congress. >> congressman adam kinzinger is already the first house republican to call for gaetz's resignation. you're saying it should be adjudicated first and if true, gaetz should resign. do you think more lawmakers will join kinzinger in those calls? >> i really don't know. it's very important, these are active investigations, these are very serious accusations. we ought to let these investigations conclude. again, i think it probably makes sense not to sit on the committee that has oversight responsibilities for one of the agencies conducting the investigation. but i have a lot of confidence they will do this work thoroughly and quickly, and we'll have these results as soon as they're concluded. >> let's turn to gun reform now. you were one of seven members invited to the rose garden to
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witness president biden sign his new executive orders on guns. the president's measures target ghost guns and red flag laws. let's listen to how republican texas governor greg abbott responded to those actions earlier today. >> if the president really wanted to do something substantively, what i really could do by executive order is to eliminate the backlog of complaints that have already been filed about gun crimes that have taken place. by executive action, the president could cut down on gun crimes if all he did was tell his executive branch to start prosecuting the gun crimes that have already been sent to the federal government. >> what do you say to that, congressman? >> i think what the president articulated were five executive actions that will make a real difference in the lives of the american people. he's using the full power of his office to ensure he does everything he can to reduce gun violence in this country which he described as a pandemic, as a
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public health crisis in this country. 316 people are shot every day. 106 people die at the hands of a gun every day in america. this is a national disgrace. and what the president announced was the use of the executive office and the powers of his office to reduce gun violence. those guns are untraceable, they can be used in crimes without any trace whatsoever. they're particularly dangerous as a consequence. the president entered an executive order on red flag laws to make it possible to do a gun trafficking report every year and to pass universal background checks and legislation to close the charleston loophole which we passed out of the house, wildly bipartisan, supported by 95% of the american people. he also of course called for the passage of the assault weapons ban. i think the president made it
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clear he's going to take this issue on. we finally have a president that's serious about reducing gun violence in this country and i look forward to working with president biden as he continues to do this work. >> what about getting bipartisan support? one of the most recent mass shootings took place in georgia, we just saw another one in colorado. but it appears some congress members are going in the opposite direction after some of these events. we're going to pop up a couple of those tweets here. georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor greene is promoting her latest gun giveaway and colorado congresswoman laura boebert tweeted, the second amendment is absolute, anyone who says otherwise is a tyrant. do you expect any bipartisan support here? >> yeah, first of all, the second amendment isn't absolute, there are restrictions that are allowed to be imposed, the supreme court has already said that. it already is bipartisan,
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universal background checks has the support of 95% of the people in this country include including the vast majority the responsible gun owners and republicans. so common sense gun control does have bipartisan support, just not in the cloak room of the congress. it's a question of doing all we can in a bipartisan way to reduce gun violence in this country to address the epidemic of gun violence. and, you know, we have these very common sense proposals, making sure background checks are conducted on guns. we know they work. 3.5 million gun sales were denied because someone went into a gun store who was not allowed to buy a gun under a law, because they were a criminal, had other disqualifying characteristics. the charleston loophole is
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closed in the second bill. these are supported by an overwhelming majority of the american people, fully bipartisan, and republicans in washington need to understand that. >> congressman, let's go full circle and talk about president biden's infrastructure plan. republican opposition to the proposal has been made clear, i'm sensing a pattern here in some of what we're talking about. would you be supportive of one of the compromises we're hearing about, lowering the tax rate for corporations from the proposed 28% to 25%? >> the proposal to pay for this jobs plan is to lower the tax rate from 28% to 21%, which would put the united states at a place where most other developed countries are. and it would take that money, invest it back into rebuilding roads, bridges, ports, schools, broadband, provide assistance to the care economy, who takes care of our seniors and people who are ill, and making investments in research and development in manufacturing to create millions of good paying jobs.
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so i'm sure president biden is always willing to listen and to provide compromise where it makes sense, but he's made it very clear that we have to move forward on this package to get people back to work, to move forward on rebuilding our infrastructure which is so essential to our competitiveness and economic well being. so compromise is possible. but this is the same party that refused to provide a single vote for the american rescue plan that is providing help to hundreds of millions of americans. so i know the president is always open to bipartisan improvements to his legislation. i think that process will continue. but we've got to get this done for the american people, to raise wages, to improve the economy so it works better for everyone, not just the people at the very top. >> congressman, we'll have to leave it there today, thank you, hope to see you again soon. >> my pleasure. there are nearly 31 million covid cases in the u.s. on a positive note, though, more than 20% of the population has
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been vaccinated. michigan has the highest rate of new infections in the u.s. officials there are reporting nearly 7,000 new cases each day. today, governor whitmer blaming covid variants for the surge. >> we are seeing a surge in michigan, despite the fact that we have some of the strongest policies in place, mask mandates, capacity limits, working from home. we've asked our state for a two-week pause. so despite all of that, we're seeing a surge because of these variants. also in the upper midwest there's a growing number of young adults visiting the emergency room due to the virus. most of whom have not been vaccinated. the cdc director says the trends are, quote, magnified in that region. and the highly contagious uk variant is now the dominant strain in the u.s. with the highest positivity rate among children ages 12 to 17. the troubling surge in cases puts pressure on the federal government to provide more vaccines to prevent a fourth
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wave. five states, new york, michigan, florida, pennsylvania, and new jersey, now account for nearly half of all new infections in the united states. msnbc's cori coffin joins me from new jersey which reported nearly 4,000 new cases in the last 24 hours. so cori, we know that we've heard health officials blame the spike right now on young people who haven't been vaccinated. is that the case that you're hearing where you are? >> reporter: yeah, it's actually two things that you mentioned, as well as other factors that i'll get into, lindsey. but you have these faster moving variants, the uk variant now the dominant variant and the one epidemiologists say is dominating these top five states. also the fact that the younger folks who haven't been vaccinated yet, also by virtue of the fact that we did start with senior citizens first in this country, the uk variant does seem to be hitting younger folks a lot harder. that's where you see a spike in hospitalizations and a spike in
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cases. the actual surge in these five states, these five states have 22% of the population, lindsey, but you've seen 44% of the actual cases. there has to be more happening there. i spoke with the chief of nursing in this hospital in teaneck, new jersey, about what else they're seeing. listen to what she told me. >> we don't know if it's people letting their guard down, being in larger groups because of the holidays, maybe even some travel. it's hard for us to know until patients, you know, tell us. and it seems like it's the family gatherings and the family travel. it's difficult for the staff. you know, when we went through the pandemic, everybody was working on adrenaline. we've got this, let's get through it. the second wave, okay, we can manage. and now that we're seeing upticks after each holiday, it's taxing, it's exhausting, and it's a lot to ask for the staff. >> reporter: i could just feel her loss of energy when i asked her how her staff is doing. and so we do see multiple
9:15 am
factors at play here with the travel she mentioned and now this faster moving variant which we haven't seen previously in the pandemic, lindsey. the monoclonal antibody treatment they're doing here, she says that is helping in the state of new jersey, but also a ramp-up in vaccinations. they are tied to the amount of supply that they get, though, and that's a difficulty from the white house's standpoint, they say, you know, they are stepping up as much as they can when it comes to supply to try to vaccinate as much of this country and bring down that fourth wave as they can. the troubling thing, though, is that with these certain spikes in certain states, they are not going to be sending more vaccine dosages that those states. they're going to stick with the density, the amount of population they see in each state. we'll have to see how that works in the coming weeks as well, lindsey. >> we're tired of working from home and not being able to see family. but think of those health care workers who leave their families and put themselves in harms way even if they're vaccinated.
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cori, thank you. a black and latino army lieutenant filed a lawsuit after this traffic stop. he was in uniform when virginia police drew their guns and pepper sprayed him. much more on this video and the story behind it, next. bike shop please hold. bike sales are booming. you need to hire.
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newly released body cam video shows police officers in virginia drawing guns on an army lieutenant in uniform and pepper spraying him during a traffic stop. it happened last december in the town of windsor, virginia. but more than 30 minutes of dramatic video is now evidence in a new lawsuit. >> i didn't do anything. >> back up. >> whoa, hold on, what's going -- hold on. >> force being deployed. >> get out of the car. get out of the car now! get out of the car now!
9:21 am
>> sir, just get out of the car. >> caron nazario, a second lieutenant in the u.s. army medical corps, was detained and handcuffed. he's filed certainly lawsuits against officers joe gutierrez and daniel crocker. nbc's vaughn hillyard joins us with a closer look. lieutenant nazario was driving home in his new suv when he was pulled over. >> reporter: that's right. again, this is on december 5. this is the windsor place apartment. the two officers you see work for the windsor police department. the police report from the officers say they saw the lieutenant's vehicle, they did not see a license plate. that's when they turned on their lights in an attempt to pull him over. they say, though, that he continued on. now, nazario says he turned on his hazard lights and drove for about another mile to go to a well-lit gas station, noting his
9:22 am
safety at stake. he says he did have on his new vehicle a temporary license plate taped up to the window. but then that is when you see them arrive to that gas station and that is where you see this encounter take place. i want to let everybody see a little more of that footage. >> you received an order. obey it. >> i'm afraid of the police. >> you should be. get out. get out. >> you're not cooperating at this point right now. you're under arrest for -- you're being detained, okay, for obstruction of justice. >> i do not have to get out. >> really? get out of the car now. >> get your hands off me. this is now how you treat a vet. i'm actively serving this country. i didn't do anything. hold on.
9:23 am
whoa, hold on. this is really messed up. my dog is in the back. my dog is choking right now. >> get out of the car. take your seatbelt out. are you a specialist, corporal? >> i'm a lieutenant. >> get out of the car. you made this way more difficult than it had to be if you just complied. get on the ground now. >> reporter: the lawsuit from nazario one of the officers used the expression "threatening his execution" there. you can hear him ask throughout the video, what is going on, why? only in that one incident when you heard there, one of those officers cited, quote, a traffic violation. we should note the windsor police department never criminally charged nazario or never cited him for any such traffic violation. nbc news has reached out to the police department as well as those officers but have not heard back at this time. again, this is an active service member, lieutenant nazario, who
9:24 am
is a medic in the army. lindsey? >> he said "i'm serving my country and this is how you're treating me." we'll have more in just a moment, but vaughn hillyard, thank you for that reporting. tomorrow, week three of the derek chauvin murder trial begins. the judge indicated jurors might hear from heart specialist dr. jonathan rich. on tuesday, a minneapolis police officer, nicolle mackenzie, may be recalled by attorneys. nbc's meagan fitzgerald joins us outside the courthouse. >> reporter: lindsey, we know the defense will be calling witnesses that will be helping them to prove their case that george floyd died of an overdose from his preexisting conditions and that the crowds that jurors saw in that video impacted derek chauvin from rendering aid to george floyd.
9:25 am
it's likely we'll hear from a medical examiner from maryland who legal experts say will be used to poke holes in the autopsy report. we'll be hearing again from a minneapolis police officer who was called by the prosecution. and i want to play for you a little bit of the exchange in court from her last week. >> if you're trying to be heads down on a patient that you need to render aid to, it's very difficult to focus on that patient while there's other things around you, if you don't feel safe around you. >> and so the distraction can actually harm the potential care of the patient? >> yes. >> can the activities, though, of a crowd, the activities of a group of onlookers, excuse a police officer from the duty to render emergency medical aid to a subject who needs it? >> only if they were physically getting themselves involved, i would say. >> if they were physically
9:26 am
prevented -- if the officer was physically prevented from doing it? >> yes, if the officer was being physically assaulted. >> reporter: now, the prosecution is expected to rest its case early this week. we also know that they've already called 35 witnesses to try and prove their case, lindsey. >> meagan, thank you so much. as promised, melissa murray, originally clerked for jotes so the -- for justice sotomayor. we know they just need to poke holes in the prosecution's case. what do you think their focus will be? >> you're exactly right, that is the whole problem here for the prosecution. they have the uphill battle here. they have to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. all the defense has to do is get one juror to believe that there is reasonable doubt here on any element of any of the crimes
9:27 am
charged. so it's a much easier case, i think we'll see from the defense more medical testimony on whether or not officer chauvin's conduct was a substantial cause of george floyd's death or whether there were other superseding causes that might have played a significant role in mr. floyd's death. so we'll see more medical evidence testimony, perhaps more testimony from expert witnesses about what reasonable force would be in these circumstances, and then again, as was alluded to, we'll probably hear more about what the impact of the crowd's reactions would have been to officers on the scene. >> and because the critical argument is over what caused george floyd's death, and the prosecution is focusing on oxygen deprivation, let's listen to a clip. >> he then goes unconscious. he will then see in the next section, he has what's calls an anoxic seizure. you will see and you can hear
9:28 am
the handcuffs shake and you'll see the body camera shake when he has an anoxic seizure. >> certainly difficult details to take in. the finding in the official autopsy report was cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement's subdural restraint and neck compression. did the prosecution make a convincing case that all are linked? >> i think they did make a convincing case. but again, they have the harder case to make. all the defense has to do is convince one juror, just one, that there are other elements in play here. and so the prosecution has made the case that seeing is believing. what you saw on that videotape is exactly what happened. now it's the defense's turn to turn the tables a little bit. and i think one of the real questions we're going to see here is whether, as past turning the tables, we will actually hear from officer chauvin whether he will take the stand
9:29 am
in his own defense. >> that is still one of the unanswered questions. i want to ask you about this new lawsuit in virginia. we've been showing the body cam video, again, hard to watch here, of these officers pepper spraying an army lieutenant in uniform after his traffic stop. i want to reiterate some of the clips we've heard, some that vaughn showed us, the officer there said you made this way more difficult than you had to if you had just complied. and at one point he says you're being arrested and then says you're being detained and then says obstruction of justice after, again, the lieutenant repeatedly asks what he did wrong and why he's being stopped. in your case from a legal perspective here, we know the lieutenant wasn't charged here, but did officers act appropriately? >> again, this is a really important question. it also relates to the chauvin case. one of the things that's happened over the course of the chauvin case is that the prosecution has essentially argued that officer chauvin is a rogue cop, he's done something
9:30 am
that goes against the procedures that he has been taught. but the chauvin trial could have been a larger referendum on the question of policing and how it works in our society to begin with. we're not really getting that, no one is really challenging or questioning police protocols like the ones you're seeing in this video. instead, we're getting the idea that officer chauvin is sort of idiosyncratic, someone who is off on his own but there's nothing wrong with policing. this video suggests maybe there is something to be said about policing and whether this much force and this kind of language and interaction was necessary in this circumstance. and i think the lawsuit, the civil lawsuit that's been filed here will certainly raise those questions. >> what's the significance of the civil lawsuit here? most of the time when we see these lawsuits, the person is suing the entity itself, the police department. but these two officers are being sued in their individual capacities. >> i mean, a lot of this is just early days for this lawsuit, so maybe some of this will change,
9:31 am
maybe the complaint will be amended and those personal claims will be dropped. but the idea here is that these are individuals acting under color of state law and perhaps also in their individual capacity, and they violated this person, a veteran's civil rights. again, the question will be what is sort of the range and scope of conduct that police officers can undertake when detaining an individual, and are they authorized to detain someone without actually being clear about what the purposes of the store are? the supreme court has made it very easy for officers to do this with some of its jurisprudence, and i think we're getting a broader question about what does all of this look like and what does policing in america look like, not just these fatal encounters but everyday policing that doesn't necessarily come to a fatal conclusion but can be an undignified and really deleterious -- have a deleterious impact on the individuals involved. >> the lieutenant at one point said i'm scared to come out of
9:32 am
the suv and the officer said, yeah, you should be. this is a case we'll continue to watch, melissa murray, thank you. joshua johnson examines the second week of the derek chauvin murder trial with an esteemed panel of legal experts, on "the week" only on msnbc. we're learning more on plans to honor the life of prince philip this week along with a rare public statement from a royal who don't usually speak out. i may not be able to tell time, but i know what time it is. [whispering] it's grilled cheese o'clock. ♪ for decades, most bladder leak pads were similar. but i know what time it is.
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new today, prince andrew is the latest royal family member to speak out on the passing of his father prince philip. nbc's raf sanchez is in the uk. raf, prince andrew rarely speaks in public, what are we hearing today? >> reporter: yeah, lindsey, this is a rare appearance by the
9:37 am
queen's third child, the third team he's spoken to the media after that infamous interview he game about his friendship with jeffrey epstein, where he denied allegations he had sex to an underage girl. he paid tribute to his father prince philip and gave us insight into house his mother the queen is holding up after losing her husband of 73 years. take a listen to what he had to say. >> the queen, as you would expect,is an incredibly stoic person. and she described his passing as a miracle. she described it as having left a huge void in her life, but we, the family, the ones that are closer, are rallying around to make sure that we're there to support her. >> reporter: now, all day preparations have been under way here at windsor castle for next
9:38 am
saturday's funeral. we've seen a crane operating inside the castle grounds. we've seen generators going in. this is going to be a very different funeral to what was planned before the covid pandemic. there are going to be only 30 guests inside st. george's chapel for the funeral itself. the public is not going to be able to attend in any way. just today, the police have put new barriers up, muchg the moving the public back away from the castle walls. we are expecting prince harry to fly in from california. we're waiting to see quite what his movements are, because he's going to have to contend with britain's pretty strict covid quarantine rules. he faces a minimum of five days in quarantine which means he either has to travel today in order to get through that quarantine and be out in time for saturday's funeral or he's going to have to invoke a
9:39 am
compassionate grounds exemption which means he flies in, goes into quarantine, then is able to leave quarantine just for the funeral itself. so we are expecting at some point to learn when prince harry will leave california and return to his native britain to honor his grandfather, lindsey. >> our thanks to raf sanchez for the latest reporting. watch our coverage on prince philip's funeral next saturday on msnbc. donald trump went after mitch mcconnell directly last night at a speech at mar-a-lago. so who is the leader of the gop? and the more nights that go by, the more surprised she gets. her husband is surprised too. gain scent beads stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx crafted by lexus. lease the 2021 rx 350 for $439 a month for 36 months.
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what was supposed to be an event focusing on the future of the republican party quickly turned into a public airing of grievances for former president donald trump. nbc news confirms trump's speech to gop leaders and donors at mar-a-lago last night consisted of repeating lies that the election was rigged and attacks against people like mitch mcconnell, dr. fauci, and even his former vice president mike pence. don calloway, democratic strategist and founder of the voter protection action fund, susan del percio, msnbc political analyst, and david jolly, former gop congressman and msnbc contributor. trump took aim at senator mitch
9:44 am
mcconnell, labeling him a "dumb son of a b" and "stone cold loser." do you expect pence and mcconnell to stand up? >> this is the kind of speech that forced republicans to lose the georgia special elections. this is donald trump showing he just cares about himself. like you said, he's airing his own grievances. and he's giving his enemies list. he's not doing anything about the party. donald trump was not speaking as a leader of the republican party. he was speaking as a leader of the biggest grip he's got going. >> "the new york times" points out how this underscores the tension between the republican party and donald trump, writing, the same former president who last month sent the rnc a cease and desist letter, on saturday evening served as the party's fundraising headliner. david, does the rnc need donald
9:45 am
trump? >> they don't need him. but it is his party until he says it's not. his grip is still strong on the party. and there's no greater proof than that. if donald trump announced today he's running in 2024, he would not have a primary challenge. and so the republican party, the rnc, is largely frozen by donald trump's behavior. i think the unsettling part about it is his behavior still embraces the big lie and a false narrative around january 6. and so as long as he is the head of the party, as long as donald trump is in charge of the republican narrative, all the other republican leaders continue to have to embrace the big lie and the events of january 6, or you suffer the wrath from trump like mitch mcconnell did. and that -- look, mcconnell might be able to hold on because he's mitch mcconnell, but that's unique. anybody else who tries to break from trump in this environment isn't long for republican politics. >> trump also said he was so disappointed in former vice president mike pence for certifying the election results. this is on the heels of a new ap report that on january 6, mike
9:46 am
pence reportedly called the acting defense secretary urging to clear the capitol. i mean, don, at one point this was his partner in the oval office. the ap report shows it was pence taking charge during trump's relative inaction during the insurrection. >> yeah, we knew trump wasn't in charge. we knew trump wanted it to continue. he was looking at his television, as he always is, relatively pleased. i don't know what the question on the table is. donald trump is the leader of the republican party. and the energy in the republican party is not with the john danforths and the gentlelady from wyoming, liz cheney. the energy, when you look beyond donald trump, is with people like marjorie taylor greene and lauren boebert out of colorado. these are incredibly nonsubstantive people, they're not people of achievement or
9:47 am
accomplishment before they got to congress. they got to congress by being willing to say the craziest thing, the loudest, for the longest period of time, and it got them elected. i don't know what you do if you're a republican. i know as a democrat, you need to be prepared for electoral battles with them in 2022 and beyond. i warn democrats, like i do on this program quite regularly, we can enjoy the moment of schadenfreude with the downfall of the republican party, but we should be paying attention to our infrastructure and building and preparing ourselves for the future. >> susan, trump reportedly praised the people who attended his save america rally on january 6 before they stormed the capitol. at this point, what is the republican platform? >> well, if you look back to 2020, you will see there is none, actually. i'm not even joking when i say it. the republicans didn't have a real convention. and when they did, they literally did not have a platform. so there is nothing there. and to don's point, the
9:48 am
republican party right now, they can't have a conversation about policies because their dominant leaders are all about the hype. they have no substance. they want a culture war because they cannot, they are ill equipped to go forward and say this is how i want to negotiate, this is the policies i want. they would rather just go after and attack and attack and again, no substance. >> so david, is this mostly fundraising? is he sort of dragging his heels and deciding will he or won't he so he can still get a lot of donations in his war chest? >> certainly that's part of it. donald trump will make his money post-presidecy in overseas business, but domestically in straight politics, we've reported it on this network and others. but very importantly, at some point he's going to have to make a decision if he's the candidate or not. and the interesting thing happening in palm beach this
9:49 am
weekend was, yes, donald trump gave a big speech, but so did everyone else looking to run. the moment donald trump makes a decision, if it is not that he's going to run in 2024, we saw the cast of characters that will. kristi noem, ron desantis, marco rubio, rick scott. mike pompeo had to miss it. the rnc had all those speeches down the street at the ritz-carlton, not at mar-a-lago. for the president's speech, they all went to mar-a-lago, the president's living room, essentially, to hear him there. >> yeah, so don, we know also last night at this event that trump suggested the covid vaccine should be called the trump-cine, he claims he didn't get credit for his production, he criticizes dr. fauci, saying have you ever seen anybody so full of crap, spoke highly of republican governors who lifted reductions. florida governor ron desantis is
9:50 am
mulling his own run. what does it mean for democrats if trump refuses to step aside? >> it doesn't mean anything, we've beaten him twice, hillary had 3 million more votes than him. him running is good news for fo it continues to underscore that they have no substantive policy platform with the exception of, and i respectfully disagree with del percio, their own suppression from the jim crow era. i think it's great for democrats if we can run against trump dthd for four years, i'll take it. it's much better than somebody who is more gentile but equally as pernicious on policy like a mike pence or -- i don't know who else they'll throw up there who can speak the king indellient curse. >> thank you all so much for joining me today.
9:51 am
we have to leave it there. calls for help and a delay in aid. an inside look at the moment things escalated just before the capitol attack. (mom vo) we fit a lot of life into our subaru forester. (dad) it's good to be back. (mom) it sure is. (mom vo) over the years, we trusted it to carry and protect the things that were most important to us. (mom) good boy. (mom vo) we always knew we had a lot of life ahead of us. (mom) remember this? (mom vo) that's why we chose a car that we knew would be there for us through it all. (male vo) welcome to the subaru forester. the longest-lasting, most trusted forester ever. age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond.
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okay. -you smell like fish. -sorry. i was talking to jamie. a new analysis of the attack on the capitol reveals previously undisclosed details on calls for help. the associated press obtained an internal pentagon document which shows vice president pence made an urgent call to the acting defense secretary, demanding the capitol be cleared. majority leader chuck schumer and nancy pelosi made similar appeals to military leaders, but of course it would be hours before calm was restored. now in a joint investigation between nbc news and its volunteers, we're getting new insights into the insurrection in richard engel's new special tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern.
9:54 am
here's a preview. >> a group forms a stack. a military formation used to enter and clear buildings. in the stack is jessica watkins. 38-year-old jessica watkins served in the army and deployed to afghanistan. watkins is a transgender woman. according to her own account, she received an other than honorable discharge when the army said her presenting as a female was unacceptable. she ran a bar in ohio with her boyfriend. earlier on january 6th, she had been at president trump's save america rally. providing security, she claims, with a group called the oath keepers, a militia largely made of up former military and
9:55 am
police. as watkins walks by trump's rally to the capitol, she speaks on a walkie-talkie app on her phone. the conversation suggests advanced planning. >> what kind of numbers do we have going to the capitol? any estimates? what percentage of the crowd is going to the capitol? >> 100%. everybody's marching on the capitol. all million of us. it's insane. we're about two blocks away from it now. and police are doing nothing. they're not even trying to stop us at this point. >> be sure to watch richard engel's on assignment special "our house," a look at the insurrection through the eyes of the attackers tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. and all this week on msnbc, nbc news will take an in-depth look at american extremism. it's an examination of the roots of extremist groups. how they've become widespread and where we go from here. reverend al sharpton is coming up in a few minutes with his take on the first two weeks of the derek chauvin trial, plus
9:56 am
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10:00 am
to washington this week. president biden is set to meet with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle tomorrow to discuss his $2 trillion american jobs plan. john thune giving us an early sense of what the gop's attitude toward negotiations will be. >> if they're interested in roads and bridges and highways and, perhaps, broadband, there is a deal to be had there, but i think what we ought to be looking at in terms of is having, let's do an infrastructure bill. the president wants to do an infrastructure bill. the sort of big, bold utopian european style socialism proposal they laid out there is something they can try and do another time. >> despite criticism from republicans in congress, the biden administration is confident they'll have the support of the american people. >> we don't have a lot of work to do to persuade the american people that u.s. infrastructure needs major improvement. the american people already know it. that's one of the reasons why


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